It was very easy to work the ball left and right. I was a bit anxious to see if it would hold up as the right fit, but after just a couple swings on the range at Aviara, I was convinced! In Their Own Words: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. We would take this driver over the Square version of the Dymo STR8-Fit driver, but it is really down to personal preference.

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Come on NIKE, fut driver needs a nickname. Nike say the maximum difference in their tests is 42 yards, so there is plenty of scope for movement. GolfWRX – the world’s largest and best online golf community. Because of that my swing and the impact with the ball was far less comfortable than I dyml expect from a Nike SQ.

The radical adjustments did not work for me. I saw an average of a 1.

All in all I expected more but with the right shaft I think this could be a real weapon in the bag. It provided the stiffness he needed for nikd drives, but offered a smoother feel Note: I had a choice of drivers to compare. Most interestingly the head shape is subtly more rounded, most noticeably where toe joins the face and correspondingly where the heel leaves the hosel. I’ve been struggling with the driver lately and this came my way and saved my game off the tee.


I can see then the compartment used to hold a cigar or script marker…or something.

It also helped him eliminate his miss to the right and easily execute his preferred right-to-left ball flight. With my swing speed and ball xq staying about the same, I added an average of 7.

Get out the wrench and take the face all the way open and the ball will fade off to the right. It goes without saying that a huge amount of effort must have gone into the hosel technology.

Through the magic of this simple technology, golfers now are empowered to control their ball flight by manually selecting face and lie angles in one simple shaft and club head fymo.

Nike SQ Dymo2 STR8-Fit Driver Review – Golfalot

Driver Reviews Members Choice: I have been taking lessons for several months, and my swing has become flatter.

Equipment 1 month ago. As George loosened up, however, his slice turned into a gentle fade. The 1-handicap, former college golfer started his fitting with a TaylorMade M2 With their forward center of gravity, they were helping golfers optimize their launch conditions beyond their wildest dreams: The model I tried was fitted with a stiff shaft which is not ideal for my slower swing speed.

Those with super high swing speeds will probably see some ballooning but for mere mortals the great balance of nikf angle and spin means that you maximize distance.


Nike SQ DYMO STR8-Fit vs TaylorMade R9 (The 8 vs 9 Challenge)

Equipment 2 weeks ago. That nime to a significant improvement in distance. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Media Reviews Golf Monthly. While the importance of appearance is often over-stated with golf clubs, you have to be able to feel comfortable looking down at a club. No golfer is going to answer the question they are going to get asked out on the driving range or teebox after they powders a drive out beyond the yd marker….

Of course there was this gargantuan size headcover in a sealed bag and the Manual in another package. 2009 Nicklaus is teeing it with his grandson, G.

Providing a stable environment at impact and making it easier to swing the club head faster. Despite all that the ball still travelled a distance that was, if not awe fi, certainly not disheartening and although not every shot was dead straight the wayward shots certainly made more of an effort to stay on line than some of my recent drives!

For further details on all the options and the entire Nike Golf range, please nikr www.