If the same thing happens again, then continue to the next step. Turn the ribbon rewind knob on the cartridge counter-clockwise a full rotation or so. Release the power key first, then release the ESC key. Barcodes The barcode program we have included easily displays and prints barcodes from your Windows based word processing program. This can be caused by dust in the printer, on the print head itself or on the label stock, especially if your printer or supplies are stored in the open. Then, set the Print Method to Thermal Transfer. It should be set to Thermal Transfer.

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How to Clean DuraLabel Kodiak. Keep holding the button, and watch the light on top of the printer.

DuraLabel 4000 Compared

Cleaning the DuraLabel All Downloads Download quick start guides, printer manuals, software, printer drivers, and product catalogs. Actual print color depends on the ribbon and vinyl loaded in the DuraLabel and is unaffected by the colors shown on your computer screen.

This is usually a very quick fix. Once everything is in place, lower the print carriage until it latches into place, and close the lid. Next, you’ll choose the sensor mode, to match the type of label stock you’re using. The DuraLabel trademark is used herein to provide information concerning thermal transfer printers and supplies from Graphic Products.

What is your technical support issue? Similar terms for DuraLabel, Brady, or LabelTac printers or supplies may be used to denote compatibility or for general reference. At that point, turn off the printer, duralwbel it about ten seconds, and turn it back on again. This will allow you to print on the entire area of your tape. You may also encounter this error if you are trying to copy a file to the SD card, but the filename has a space in it. Any jobs in the queue will be re-sent, and may print duralael correctly.


The ribbon should roll down the back of the back roller, forward through the wide-open part of the printer, up past the metal print head, and onto the front of the front roller. If you are still unable to print properly, please contact our support team for help.

Graphic Products DuraLabel 4000 Manuals

Continuous a roll of uninterrupted label duralqbel Black Mark a roll of pre-printed label stock, with a black mark on the duralaebl between labels Die-Cut a roll of pre-cut labels, ready to peel off one by one If this setting was already correct, then click the Calibrate button to have Toro feed some of the label stock through and re-adjust its internal sensors.

If the same thing happens again, then please contact our support team for help. Click on the printer icon in the taskbar at the top of the Toro home screen. Label Mount Slots 2 2. Call Us Toll Free from the U. When you are ready to print, be sure to load the correct material in the correct orientation. In the next cell column B, row 1 enter the number you would like to incre- ment. duralabell


Printer Support – Drivers, Manuals & More | Graphic Products

Page 17 “Automatically detect and install my Plug and Play printer” is checked. Use one of our cleaning swabs, or a soft cloth with some isopropyl alcohol, to gently wipe the entire metal surface of the print head, especially dhralabel area that is pressed down when the system is closed.

If the problem continues without anything coming out of the printer, please contact our support team for help. Then, open your label design again and try printing it once more. Set all of your margins and edges to 0. If the cartridge seems duralbael be in place, but the locking knob will not turn, the cartridge may need more pressure to fit down correctly.

Power ON the DuraLabel If there is already supply loaded, click on the printer icon in the taskbar at the top of the Toro home screen. We’ll guide you to the solution. Choose between online chat, request an email, or simply give us a call to speak with a knowledgeable customer support duralabeel.

Download quick start guides, printer manuals, software, printer drivers, and product catalogs.