This headset is the biggest piece of trash I have ever come across. When they do work, the force feedback is like someone clapping their hands over your ears. Well, just to let all of you know, I just opened up my headset, and guess what I found? So its just fucks up in Vista. It has a box designed by me and everything. Are you saying that the glasses may have worked well if you used a CRT monitor instead? Any idea if the muffs work well for long periods with glasses on?

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The Audio FX Pro 5+1 Headset

I recommend these, as a gamer on Windows, to anyone, anywhere, anytime! Also the interface in the taskbar goes away and its nowhere to be found even after reloading the disk. I had to set the codec to speedex Just got the windows ivsta drivers. So i got these and i love them i have not had any problems… worked with teamspeak, ventrilo and steam… everything great so far i also never tired the software because of all the issues i heared about… so yeah ANYWAY!!!

Thanks again Jimmy – You help and research is highly appreciated. For games it brings out the roar of engines and the bass of explosions — bringing you one step closer to being in the game.


Edimensional Audio FX 5.1 > Vista

I notified support of some issues that I have. Apart from maybe the back.

Hi cthiggin, Have you also tried the edimensionall. He said with my setup, 6 months from now, I should see 50 – 60 fps The only way I was able to get the buzzing to go away was to not use the drivers that came with it windows should already have the generic drivers needed. However only chat comes through the headset, no game audio like with the PC.

Middle button not working – without glasses. If this is your first visit, welcome! Interlaced mode 6 3D Display Location: That solved my my various problems right away. Best Regards Thomas Jespersen.

They give you like 2 scenarios on their site about the crackly noise problem, neither of them helped me at all. You will notice that your desktop speakers emit a buzzing sound regardless of whether there is input or not.

Edkmensional help and ideas would be most appreciated. You should make an Xbox version Ben.

Its very hard to get the levels right for the volume for both phones and mic. This device seems to have only 3 real volume settings: Arent you worried about repercutions from Immersion?

FSX and Vista – Installation of eDimensional Voice Buddy | PC Review

February 17th, at The french translation is kinda sloppy, the syntax is somewhat weird on some points. I also had to stretch the hell out of the band in order to get them to stop hurting my ears and head. FYI I have been talking with MS for several days on an ethernet proplem to my printer, can ping it fine, however it won’t do a test page or anything else – the MS tech that has been on this case since inception is as frustrated as I am – Yesterday, he said “it has to be in the protection layering of Viista – he’s going to get with the edimensiknal to try and resolve.


Is there anyway you can make the drivers cd windows 7 compatible?? They always told me: You might try going into Windowed Mode and then Maximizing the window to get more performance.

Edimensional Audio FX > Vista – LANThrax

I curse you, because I just recently bought myself an expensive stereo headset, and now I want this instead! This is very comfortable, and also blocks external noises ie, someone telling you to take out the trash. I have tested and it works on the PS3.