Four independent pixel- rendering pipelines deliver up to million 8- sample fully filtered pixels per second. Click here to enlarge. Finally we get to jump on the bandwagon with the biggest of the bad-ass gamers video cards on the market today. A power draw that is above or below the normal draw indicates a problem with the fan. Separate engines for transformation, lighting, setup and delivers 15 million triangles per second. No amount of clicking or searching will allow the user to see just how hot the chip is running or how much power the fan is using.

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NLX is a relatively new case standard seen to the leftset into motion in erazzor Intel, that minimizes the amount of space that the case takes up, creating, in essence, a tiny, cute computer. Well, after about a week, the fan on the sink started to make a lot of noise! Keep in mind, however, that you can expect high quality performance and manufacturing egazor the ERAZOR X 2traits often neglected by other producers.

A power draw that is above or edazor the normal draw indicates a problem with the fan. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Without trying to bore you all to death with lots of crap discussions, or information that you have seen on all the other major sites, I will try and keep this objective at the same time trimming the fat so to speak.


Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Benchmark Results – Descent 3 DirectX. Unreal Tournament Overclocking Conclusion. Allows application to represent 3D characters and environments with the highest degree of complexity possible.

ELSA ERAZOR X graphics card – GF – 32 MB Overview – CNET

Although on anything other than 98SE, gaming and benchmarks are affected due to low support by the OS so I ran all test shown here on that platform. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. The ChipGuard is a nifty utility that does two things: Rather than include an extra chip to perform erazlr monitoring, the ERAZOR X monitors the voltage that goes to the fan to ensure that the fan is functioning at the proper speed.

With so many choices being released based on eerazor GeForcethings are becoming more and more difficult to choose which board to go with.

ELSA ERAZOR X graphics card – GF 256 – 32 MB Series

This was a rather bold move being that it would cost them a bit of lag time compared to their competitors. How many AGP cards do you know that will handle that? Independent Pipeline Quad Engine: Separate engines for transformation, lighting, setup and delivers 15 million triangles per second. Drivers can be convoluted, thermal glue used for heatsink attachment, no TV-out, Chip Guard’s implementation. Speaking to ELSA we learned of a different monitoring option used here.

Specifications, courtesy of Erzor While the safety of the ChipDoctor software is pretty cool, the usability of the utility leaves something to be desired. The tasbar resident driver utility can be annoying at times, as the most used features are found almost 3 levels deep.


Websites you may also like: If ChipGuard detects an error in either of these two sensors, a warning screen will pop up, notifying the user of the problem. The combination of these features adds up to what we consider the industries overall best performing hardware.

Click here to see rrazor full review. With that said, lets get moving’ on to the numbers shall we Anything short of that may cause your system to be rather unstable in 3D applications. Great quality and warrantee, useful driver features, good software bundle. Subscribe to our newsletter.

NLX form factor, not reference design, large heatsink, powerful driver set, Chip Guard. Benchmark Results – Shogo Page 5: Reference design without any extras, hot running temperature, taskbar resident driver utility is hard to navigate. However, it is important to note that ELSA did go out of its way to try to improve upon what was considered to be “good enough.

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