Resume The Resume method resumes a paused print queue. The maximum number of print-stream pages that the Printer can render onto a single media sheet. RenamePrinter Renames a printer. This device cannot start. Specifies the authentication level to be used with the WMI connection.

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If TRUEthe printer starts jobs that are finished spooling.

Resources for IT Professionals. Windows cannot load the driver for this device. Status information for a Printer, beyond that specified in the LogicalDevice Availability property. Hi Bill, Thank you for this. I am learning how to do more with the shell every day.

Specifies the authority to use to authenticate the WMI connection. Here are the ports: When this parameter is used, the cmdlet retrieves instances of the WMI class.

NumberUp” Maximum number of print-stream pages the printer can render on prjnter media sheet, such as paper. Indicates the current printer language being used. It would look something like Power Save – Low Power Mode 14 The device is in a power save state but is still functioning, and may exhibit degraded performance.


Get printer names, IP addresses and drivers from a computer using WMI.

If a printer is connected to more than one port, the names of each port are separated by commas. When used with the List parameter, it specifies the namespace from which to gather WMI class information. Right, but the port name might not match its HostAddress. Port that is used to transmit data to a wmiobjecg. Using Associators Of can actually do it all in one crack because it can look at the inheritance ad attach to any class that is a “port” of any kind.

Specifies the paper type that the Prinrer will use if a PrintJob does not specify a particular type.

Document to be sent directly to the printer. Not Configured 20 The device is not configured. Starting in Windows PowerShell 3. Read-only Date and time the printer was last reset. If that does not work, see your hardware documentation. Driver for this device might be corrupted, or the system may be low on memory or other resources.


Working with Printers

The SetPowerState method is supported. ErrorCleared is a boolean property indicating that the error reported in LastErrorCode property is now cleared. I forgot to mention, you need to download the psremoting module from gallery. Please do not use the comment form to submit questions.

Can also be used to describe the banner that a printer might provide at the beginning of each job, or other user-specified options.

To get the job results, use the Receive-Job cmdlet. Email Required, but never shown. Tuesday, February 23, 4: I also return all driver info and all configuration info.

MaxLen 10DisplayName “Status”.