In both asserts the test should pass. If you have a different opinion, groups vs tests, then post an answer. If The Same parameter name is declared in both places; test level parameter will get preference over suit level parameter. What is your exact requirement? By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Than I want to execute the second assert [Assert.

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Pradeep hebbar 2 How would you like to mark this Testcase Pass or Fail? It would be better to split them up so your generated test results have clear reporting on the specific scenario being tested. I updated the answer to talk a bit more about data providers and show a way you could leverage them with some hoa. Downvotes are for answers that are not useful see the tooltip. Than I want to execute the se,enium assert [Assert. If DataProvider is present in the different class then the class where the test method resides, DataProvider should be static method.

java – Using Selenium WebDriver with TestNG and DataProviders – how to assert? – Stack Overflow

Thanks for the thorough response. Here is the same test with suite level parameters NOTE: I would not use them in this case and would write two separate tests, one for the bad login and another for the good login. They would fail on successful logins. This helps prevent hardcoding values into the script. You want to test multiple values of the same parameter using Testng.


But it is definitely achievable. What is your exact requirement?

Think of it as config files for your script. Here comes Parameterization in the picture. I don’t think think checking valid and invalid logins should be just only be in two separate tests ddataprovider separated in two groups. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Both your asserts are False Positive. Shouldn’t two distinct Asserts be handled from 2 different Test annotations?

How to Use the DataProvider in TestNG with a JAVA Example

If yes return one set of value Else return another set of value package parameters; import java. I was confused regarding the usage of data providers.

In case if the parameter name is same in suite level and test level then test level parameter will get preference over suite level. You can also pass a flag along with other inputs and based on that you can decide the assertion. Complete Example package parameters; import java. How do I use assert in this scenario?


Dataprovider & TestNG XML: Parameterization in Selenium(Example)

Sign up using Facebook. Thanks, Oren Here’s the code: You may want to compare the actual length with the length reported.

A difference of opinion doesn’t warrant a downvote. I want my first test case to provide invalid credentials dataprovide the first set of data that I defined in the DataProvider method.

I’m trying to test the login functionality of a website. One way could be by adding the expected success state as another parameter:. How do you want to handle it?

He asked how to use different logins with the same code and have two asserts for the different cases.