Released april 5, User instructions are enclosed. Also there is a fuse bit to disable serial programming. What is happening is that most compilers place: This version is now sold out. DOS based but will run under W9x.

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Please go back to the Vversion together with either of the following hex files for the firmwware.

The solution is to add three 3K3 resistors as shown here. It is trivially easy to add your own commands, and they can be simple procedures, or pogrammer could alter the behaviour of other parts of the system.

These hex files can be direct programmed. Given all that, the CPU is still nearly idle: A 16 pin ZIF socket is used on-board.

K USB PIC Programmer | KinCony Smart Home System

Current Documentation being shipped with Kits and Select the driver for the Windows version you are using and the ZIP file will be downloaded.

Beta untested support for 10Fxxx 18F diypack Chip on Board Kits Miscellaneous Links. USB ‘B’ female connector. If interested, please send an email to ladda AT kitsrus.


New version April 2, Surplus Corner – Excess components – reduced cost. The language only k1500 four commands implemented, but I didn’t want to make it too complicated at first. Upgrading for new PIC chips is done by simply adding it programmmer the ‘device. A tiny DIP switch will also work in place of the diode.

Your compiler does not place: But we decided against this because it would require special software to run on each type of computer.

Pic and Atmel Programmers and Microcontrollers Kits

Amount in Stock pcs pcs pcs pcs pcs pcs pcs pcs pcs pcs 45 pcs pcs pcs pcs Many pcs Many pcs Many pcs Many pcs Many pcs Many pcs Many pcs Many pcs Many pcs Many pcs Many pcs. We had one complaint already from a person who bought the Kit then complained there was ‘nowhere’ to put the IC!

The board is only 48 x 30mm.

Only the bi-LED pokes up above the box. DOS based but will run under W9x. Mostly surface mount components.


TSK ICSP PIC Programming

All the programmer kits use the ‘FTBM’ chip. They’ve been replaced with variable length circular buffers. Peter, I need your help with my MicroPro Programmer. Support for 16F88 added in diypack22 on. With the schottky diode, the VDD load of the product itself is ignored by the programmer while programming. Kit is Kit without the ZIF socket.

Hardware and software designed by Tony Nixon. Usually on a breadboard.


This program corrects the Hex file so MicroPro can take it. Choice of 40 pin wide slot ZIF socklet or just 0.

You can download Bob’s versions here – diypack22a. These are modified copies of the K programmers by Peter Crowcroft.