Perhaps it’ll work with an older Gaming Software. There is an Xinput test so you can test your controller and make sure it is working. Hi, unfortunately I don’t have a powered USB hub. The InControl library what I’m using to read controllers specifically says it supports it. Sorry, I don’t like being beaten. Roadstar , Nov 30,

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I might be able to trick the ControllerProfiler thing into treat the Dualshock4 as an unknown device maybe, then we could check out its values and maybe find out what’s wrong with the built-in profile for it. Please help, I’m getting desperate! Please contact the manufacturer for further assistance and see if they have a Driver for Windows 7.

Hi, unfortunately I don’t have a powered USB hub.

But does CCleaner clean the registry somehow? Also the release date on the rumblepad 2 isI don’t know but if your pad is of similar age butyou may be wise to buy a new one and save the hassle.

In Device Manager it says that the device has stopped working Code You must log in or sign up to reply here. Unfortunately it seems that person is not me If I understand correctly the method will involve a series of controller movements and button presses to identify how the controller is configured – then he’ll be able to correctly map it in the build.


It sometimes stays a rkmblepad time detected. There are many safe registry cleaners available here at Major Geeks that are free and easy to and totally safe to use.

I just looked at the Logitech web site again, and it appears there’s two different RumblePad2 devices; the cordless one I linked to above, and a wired device with vibration feedback, but they use the same software. I was thinking of editing my registry so that I delete all kinds of logitefh registry. Are your other USB devices working?

I can move the cursor around the screen on Heckabomb using the Dualshock4 touchpad, but the sticks and buttons don’t seem to do anything at all. Could anyone help me?

A Quick Look Video. I’ll try the lg tomorrow. Well 22 seems that didn’t help.

Logitech Rumblepad 2 not recognized – Microsoft Community

It would be nice to be able to try a controller with this game, hopefully you guys can get figure out what’s up. Zaxtor99 View Profile View Posts.

Well, tried at least. Thanks for your help! Allicorn View Profile View Posts. When I plug in my Dualshock to my PC and run the Input mapper app, I can do a test which shows a picture of the Xbox xontroller and every button tests perfectly when I press buttons and move the sticks on my Dualshock4. Because I have played GH3 on my pc with ps3 controller, which might have something to do with this. Which ones of the boxes I should check in CCleaner. Yep, I reckon that PS4 controller should work.


And when I change between the USB ports.

Logitech Rumblepad 2, not deteced

Yeah, I actually had ot working perfectly by adding some of the Xbox emulator files directly into the game folder, but after I closed the game and tried to relaunch it, my Rumblepad2 no longer works. I connected the controller to my pc and it did detect it.

I’ve tried to update the driver software but the Windows claims that I have the latest driver installed. I plug the controller to my PC but it doesn’t even give any kind of warning or something like “not detected” -text. Do you already have an account?

No matter what buttons I hit on the controller for Heckabomb, it won’t read my controller.