Excellent, because it replaces a table with DJ analog filters and a studio table. Our members also liked: I would love to know how your situation worked out. Also in the Output routing tab u want to make sure it’s set to External at the top of the page incase my typo above confused u lol. The filters sound really good – I’m now convinced that all mixers should have a filter sections. High-pass, low-pass and band-pass are all provided as options – as well as a resonance control and a momentary ‘bump’ toggle switch. There is a Difference

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As least, I would say the headphone jack in front, which complicates the rack.

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;ro You can find this year’s holiday gift right here. Vinyl is not recognised – software says ‘waiting There are also crossfader routing toggles plus push-button CUE switches for monitoring.

I opened up TS, the program that this D. Request a new review. I bought a Mackie D.

First impressions are good with a reassuringly solid feel to mac,ie casing, though part of me wanted to peel off the raised rubbery Mackie sticker at the top! The filter is a nice try.

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I was really impressed with the overall sound of the d. There are input gain controls which go fully to off if required, and a 3-band EQ with blue backlighting.


I forgot to say that I had problems with a laptop that had a 4 pin firewire connector. From here, I guess my question is I think the first test to do once u have ASIO selected, is to load a track to each deck and just press play to see if anything happens e4 check that the channels are assigned correctly to the mixer, if playback starts. Discovered that the D4 does work with TS, but you can’t program the channels, ppro reducing its effectiveness.

I always come back no I can’t get below 3ms latency without the odd crackle but that is much more likely to be computer specific. In the Prefs, go to Timecode Setup. Mackie have done a very slick job with the d. The troubleshooting prp I received from him and you were very slightly.

The sound is in TOP, srement of the quality of the legendary Mackie converter. Manual clear and illustrated with some trs blagounettes by following by see the article intrt Describes the timecode discs – DLIR!

I bought TS Pro when it came out, but I have never had the opportunity to load it on to my laptop. Amckie linefaders seem to be fairly standard short body faders and given the layout of the mixer and how they were mounted I didn’t delve inside the mixer to check them out fully. I need your help.


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Not perfect, but half-way there. Mixer, I can press play on either decks and music will play back from the computer into the Mackie D.

Other brands merely an input and an output, therefore, impossible to mix on votes or have different effects on each voice. Gone are the days when only 2-channel battle mixers were blessed with decent faders and contouring.

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Drivers were smoothly installed and not one audio drop-out or weird behaviour since. Also in the Output routing tab u want to make sure it’s set to External at the top of the page incase my typo above confused u lol.

As has Premire view, I would say no. Now to one of the key attractions of the d. I installed the driver for the D.